Kick Drum Series PT 1 "Everything I Know About Kick Drums"

So for any of you that know me personally you will know my inherent fascination with those oh so great parts of any good tune - the kick drum. I've been known to spend days and days on end working on kick drums and its something that I am constantly improving and working on as a technique. I've decided this be a good place to start with my blog so I am starting a multi part series on all aspects of the humble kick drum. July marks the 1 year anniversary of a 12 page document that I wrote for the excellent Facebook group for which I am one of the moderators - Group for Electronic Music Production or GEMP for short. The group itself is full of a big group of different producers from all different genre's and a regular goldmine of knowledge and feedback. 

The document was called Everything I Know About Kick Drums and at the time was just that, the entirety of my accumulated knowledge on kick drums. It covers everything from samples and layering to mixing and perspective. While my methods have evolved somewhat since then (more on this in future posts) it's still a pretty comprehensive document and many people have commented on how useful it has been for them, so I'd thought I'd share it here.


I hope you get some use out of it! I'm also happy to answer any questions you might have on the subject so just ping me an email or give me a call! 

Until next time..