Kick Drum Series PT 2 "Techno Big Room Reverb Kick"

Well this week was not so great! Just goes to show that all best intentions can be derailed by our old friend the common cold... 

Moving into Part 2 of this series I am revisiting another post I did for GEMP not long after the "Everything I Know About Kick Drums" article last week. I remember this being a really big turning point for me in my production. Alot of this was collected from various posts around the web but most especially subsekt's the hole - which is a wealth of techno production knowledge well worth going through. 

This technique pretty much opened the door to how I do my kick's now and although I have refined the formula somewhat the technique in the article will still get you a really decent kick drum. In the next post i'll be exploring my current way of making these types of kick drums, from source selection to processing chains and mixing tips.. enjoy!