One half of bespoke music production duo Bangmorhow Productions

"Jacquet" - Corporate Promotional Video - Production & Mixing

"Factory Grooves" - Paiste Cymbal Company Promotional Video - Production & Mixing 

"Oceanic Space Cowboy" - Music for feature film "The Third Star" from Bafta award winning direction Hattie Dalton - Production & Mixing

 "Love Story" by  Saul & Josh - Production & Mixing

"Home" by Saul and Josh - Production & Mixing 

"She" - Cloud Dance Entry for choreographer Ella Robson Guilfoyle - Production & Mixing 

Greenpeace Promotional Video - Production & Mixing

Live Re-Scoring of Yuri Ancarani's short film "Il Capo" 

The Carousel - a forthcoming album by Esther Dee & The Carousel - pre - production work

Recorded, Produced & Mixed multiple tracks for Feiseanna musician Sean O'Brien

Production, Mixing and Mastering work with avant garde hip hop outfit Strangelove